Sonntag, 13 April 2014 21:15

Berlin Violin on Tour

Samstag, 12 April 2014 20:12

Violin Live Act at L1 Leipzig

April 14th Violin Live Act L1 Club Leipzig
Violin Live Act at Schiemanns Fuggerpalais Supper Club Augsburg
Freitag, 11 April 2014 21:11

Violin Liv Act Public Event for ECO

Friday april 11th during the day performance at ECO Tankstation Opening Public Event;art5604,2551983
Thursday april 10th violin live performance at Schwabengarage Stuttgart
Samstag, 05 April 2014 21:14

Violin Live Act at Privileg Hamburg

Violin Live Performance Saturday April 5th at Privileg Hamburg
Saturday April 5th Violin Live Performance at Schneekarhütte Austria Zillertal
Violin Live Act together with Call the Tune for Porsche in Leipzig 4.4.2014
Wednesday April 2nd: Violin Live Act at Messeparty Frankfurt
Dienstag, 01 April 2014 21:56

Studio Recordings Munich

Studio Recording in Munich
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