Samstag, 29 März 2014 13:43

Violin Live Act Candy Shop Munich

Violin Live at Candy Shop Munich Filmcasino Lazy Moon
Sonntag, 23 März 2014 13:45

MABEA on Tour

MABEA - where the voice meets the violin on promo tour... march 23rd-27th
Samstag, 22 März 2014 18:28

Violin Live Act at Musikpark Dresden

Live Performance March 22nd at Musikpark Dresden
Violin Live Performance at Schiemanns Augsburg Supper Club
Live Performance Saturday March 15th at The View Skylounge Düsseldorf
Violin Live Act Friday March 14th at Blaulicht Union View Dortmund
Donnerstag, 06 März 2014 18:26

Several Performances in Kitzbühel Austria

March 6th-9th perfoming in different locations in Kitzbühel Austria 6. Hotel Bichlhof 7. Hotel Kitzhof 8. and 9. Kristallhütte
Faschingsdienstag March 4th Violin Live Act at Circus Maximus Rilano No. 6 Munich together with Mathew Key and Djane Giulia…
Donnerstag, 27 Februar 2014 16:22

Violin Live Act with Call the Tune and Kabarett

Showevent with Live Violin and Call the Tune....
Samstag, 22 Februar 2014 18:38

Violin Live Act Candy Shop

Violin Live Act Candy Shop Lazymoon Munich
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