The VIOLIN Act of the year for your corporate event in Marrakesch. It is crucial for your company event, to provide a perfect musical accompaniment. For your guests of the company party, especially in a city like Marrakesch, your Guests expect a musical highlight. Also for your summer festival in Marrakesch a special VIOLIN Act is perfect. The Violinist makes your summer party a very special event. Whether relaxing house beats with violin improvisation at a Marrakesch Beach Club, your pool party in Marrakesch, your beach party in Marrakesch or at your private garden party. The violin music offers besides Chill House / Deep House the perfect party music for your Lounge Club / Club in Marrakesch.
You have a restaurant in Marrakesch and want to offer your guests a special highlight? Then book now to Violin show act Beatrix Löw-Beer. From classical to dance music, jazz, swing, rock, pop, film music to charts, electro, house , she offers your guests of each age group in Marrakesch the perfect musical background for a successful evening . Also for theme parties in Marrakesch the violinist offers a diverse range of options. You can choose the theme and Beatrix Löw -Beer offers you the matching music combined with matching outfits for your party in Marrakesch. Also for your birthday celebration in Marrakesch the violinist Beatrix offers the absolute highlight.
Make your anniversary, anniversary celebration in Marrakesch unforgettable with an violin live act. Your company is celebrating its anniversary in Marrakesch and is looking for a special show act you have never seen before? Then book violinist Beatrix Löw-Beer. Or do you want to stage your products , buildings , location in Marrakesch perfect? The VIOLIN Act will perform adapted to your Company image and CI to highlight your product launch in Marrakesch, your launch event in Marrakesch, your shop opening in Marrakesch, your shop opening in Marrakesch, Your Store Opening in Marrakesch, your product launch in Marrakesch, your product presentation in Marrakesch, your product inauguration in Marrakesch, your business inauguration in Marrakesch.
You are looking for your congress in Marrakesch, your conference in Marrakesch, your exhibition in Marrakesch , a fair in Marrakesch, your fair party in Marrakesch, your opening in Marrakesch, your kickoff in Marrakesch, your kick-off event in Marrakesch , company trip to Marrakesch, for something to make it very special and the unforgettable highlight of the event and give it that special something? Then book the modern and classical violinist show act Beatrix Löw–Beer.
It still lacks a musical and visual show highlight for your museum opening in Marrakesch, your Museum in Marrakesch, your museum exhibition in Marrakesch, your reception in Marrakesch, your hotel opening in Marrakesch. Then the only solution is Violin Show Highlight Beatrix Löw-Beer.
Models on the catwalk are all well and good , but only models are fast little monotonous and boring. Pimp your fashion show in Marrakesch with a highlight model that performs as a musical show act on the catwalk.
Still lacks a Special, a musical and visual highlight of your city festival in Marrakesch, your festival in Marrakesch, your Open Air in Marrakesch, your stage show in Marrakesch, your event in Marrakesch, your ball in Marrakesch? Then book now the VIOLIN Act Beatrix Löw-Beer. She convinces not only by her appearance, but also by her fascinating violin playing combined with show elements and special effects.
You want a very private highlight at a special location or in your private home in Marrakesch? Then book violinist Beatrix Löw -Beer with music from classical to very modern music for a private concert / concert in Marrakesch.
The absolute highlight for your after party in Marrakesch, your after-show party in Marrakesch, your movie premiere in Marrakesch, your premiere party in Marrakesch, your gala in Marrakesch, your gala event in Marrakesch , your event in Marrakesch , your show in Marrakesch offers the violinist Beatrix Löw -Beer with her violin Live Show in a variety of formations and styles of music with special effects.
You are looking for musical entertainment for your wedding in Marrakesch, your wedding celebration in Marrakesch, your wedding party in Marrakesch, your wedding ceremony in Marrakesch, your Hotel Celebration in Marrakesch, for your party at the hotel in Marrakesch, for your Easter holidays in Marrakesch? For this the classic and modern violinist Beatrix Löw–Beer offers a diverse program to choose from. From highlights of classical music like Ave Maria to the current charts David Guetta and Avicii everything is in her repertoire.
The best strings / violinist for your television show in Marrakesch, TV recording in Marrakesch, TV show in Marrakesch, your radio program in Marrakesch, your station Festival in Marrakesch is Beatrix Löw- Beer. She does not only look great, but also plays the violin perfect and is a performance and stage professional.
You want to offer your guests at Christmas a very special highlight? Make your Christmas in Marrakesch, your Christmas party in Marrakesch, your Christmas Event in Marrakesch unique and book the Showviolinist Beatrix Löw-Beer.
The crowning highlight to the End oft he year is provided by VIOLIN Act Beatrix Löw- Beer. With her your New Year's Eve Gala in Marrakesch, your New Year's party in Marrakesch, your New Years Bash will be unforgettable.
You are looking for Strings, a violinist for a tour in Marrakesch, a tour in Marrakesch, a Studio production in Marrakesch, studio recordings in Marrakesch? Then the violinist Beatrix Löw -Beer is your first choice. The star violinist has recorded numerous songs for different Singles, Bands and studio productions, improvisation or with notes, its is no problem.
You graduate and would like to celebrate a special graduation party, final ceremony, commencement party in Marrakesch, with a very special live act? Then Beatrix Löw-Beer is the only choice. She brings any party to a boil

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