Dienstag, 01 Januar 2013 00:00

Mercato New Years 2012/2013

Mercato New Years 2012/2013 Tollwood Festival Munich. Beatrix live on stage at the sold out festival with 5.000 guests... Pictures
Montag, 31 Dezember 2012 00:00

Welcome to St. Tropez

New Years Party: Welcome to St. Tropez Party at Filmcasino Munich with special Live Act Beatrix Pictures
Samstag, 15 Dezember 2012 00:00

Jack Rabbit Club

Beatrix live at Jack Rabbit Club Munich 15th December 2012 Pictures
Freitag, 07 Dezember 2012 00:00

Select Effect Party with Percussion

Violin live Session by Beatrix Löw-Beer at the Select Effect Party with Percussion and DJ Pascha at one of Germanys…
Donnerstag, 06 Dezember 2012 00:00

with Singer Rod Stewart on TV

Live Performance with the legendary Singer Rod Stewart on TV (ZDF) 6th December 2012 8.15 p.m. Pictures  Bilder Zimbio Bilder…
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