Crossover Violinist Beatrix -MODERN MUSIC


Beatrix is the perfect combination of Vanessa Mae, David Garrett and Lindsey Stirling. The Balance of technical Perfection, beautiful look and Stage Performance makes her a unique Violinplayer in the world. Beatrix is not without a reason one of the best booked Violin Showacts. Her musical Variety is outstanding: from real Classical Music over Classicpop, Swing, Jazz, Lounge, Pop, Rock, Dubstep, House to Charts on her own composition (new Universal Publishing Album) she performs in all Genres. Beatrix is the perfect Highlight for every Event.



She is booked internationally (from the US over England, Netherlands, Spain, Ibiza, Marroco, Italy, Luxemburg, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Libanon, Dubai to Asia) for Violin Live Performances as an Violin Showact as Solo Showact or together with an DJ/DJane or with other instruments as Vocal/Saxophon/Percussion/Guitar...


All kind of Events:

Beatrix is booked for all kinds of high class Events, Anniversaries, Roadshows, Faires, Opening Events, Launch Events, Fashion Shows, VIP Events, Cruiseship Events, Sports Events, Awards Shows, Christmas and Summer Events, Birthday and Wedding Events as well as other private Events. In Germany she is the best booked studied high class violinist with classic pop and modern music.



Besides her Solo Bookings she has several Projects:

Violin & Drum Stage Show - the explosive special Effect Violin and Drum Stage Show with classic pop and Filmmusic, Violin and Percussion with Water-Drums, LED Drums and Fireshow

MABEA - where the voice meets the violin: this unique combination with the famous Singer, Saxophonist and DJ Mathew Kay offers booking options from high intensive Showacts till music concepts for the whole Event (Reception till Afterparty) MABEA launched the first Demo CD IMPR-(O-S)-ESSIONS in 2014. Another CD together with Universal Publishing 2016.

Very fascinating is the breathtaking FLYING MABEA HIGHLIGHT SHOW. Violin, Voice and Sax are flying through the hall or for more action walking down walls or houses. This is a perfect highlight for Opening and Launch Events to create a lot of Attention. MABEA creates the perfect Aerial Show with the matching music, set up and costumes for all kind of Events.

2016 Beatrix launched her completely selfmade Filmmusic Show Catviolin with newly arranged Filmmusic Classics, Costumes, Violins telling a great new story. Catviolin is perfect for Galaevents or as a Dinnershow. Interesting for international companies, Travel industry, Roadshows with clients from different countries and everybody who loves Filmmusic:

The newest Project 2017 is V Power - Violin & Violincello at its best: Combining the Power of 2 adorable Stringplayers with Beatrix and a very talented young female Cello Player. Own arrangements with Crossover from Classic over Rock/Pop to actual Chart Hits presented with Choreography and String Power.


What else:

Beside the stage performances Beatrix is doing audio and video recordings and productions for different Labels. Beatrix is booked because of her big success also as a Violinist for TV-Spots and Cinema Spots playing as an actress with her violin and playing the new jingle of big brands as for the Cinema Spot of Engelbert Strauss. Or also Musicproductions e.g. together with Mario Winans.

She is performing stage shows (e.g. Circus meets Michael Jackson, Roadshows, Power Percussion) and live performances in TV-Shows with stars as Rod Stewart (ZDF), Caro Emerald (3Sat), Sarah Connor (ARD), Revolverheld and Nick Howard. January 2013 she was on tour with the famous german singer Phillip Poisel (Project Seerosenteich). Beatrix performs live at many events of well known companies (e.g. BMW, Maserati, Audi, Porsche, AMG, Mercedes, DTM, Formula 1, Universal, see many more at "References"), at Clubs (e.g. P1, Pacha, Hugos, KM5 Ibiza, Diamond St. Moritz, Coco Beach Ibiza, Lazy Moon, G Club Amman, Ottomare Mallorca), Lounges, VIP Restaurants, Housewarming parties, Opening Parties (Hotels, Companies, Restaurants), Theme Parties (e.g. 90ies, 20ies, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Swing, Charleston), Christmas Parties, Festivals, Birthday Parties, Weddings and all kind of other special events around the world.



Her repertoire reaches from pure classical Music over classic Pop, Filmmusic, Pop/-Rockmusic, Charleston, Swing, Jazz and Music of the 90ies to House and electronic music. At her live performances Beatrix performs as soloist or together with other musicians (Saxophon, Guitar, Percussion, Singers, harp) accompanied by many famous DJs like DJ Petko, DJ Nikias Hofmann, DJ Valero, DJ Ray Bucks, DJ Devito, DJ Giulia Siegel, DJane Alegra Cole, DJane Ghia, DJane Gitta Sax, DJane Elle, Milk and Sugar., DJ Peyman..




For you, your party, event, company event, wedding, birthday, festival Beatrix would love to perform also songs of other genres and artists, She performs your favorite songs, creates a medley of your Idol and performs a live show just how you like it. Just ask for your favorites and we will make your event unforgettable.


You are searching for a highlight Act for your party, event, opening party, Launch Event, Car Presentation, Fair, product presentation, Fairs, festivals, Tournee, wedding, birthday...? Now you have the chance to book the perfect musical Highlight for your event. Surprise your guests with a really special live performance by a unique Artist. Book a show act, that noone will forget. The Violinist Beatrix Löw-Beer offers the best package adapted to your wishes. Are you interested to book her as a soloist? Or in combination with a well known DJ? Or with other musicians or dancers? Or as FLYING VIOLIN? We are pleased to assist you with organizing the whole musical frame for your event including the technical package.







Buchen Sie Beatrix als Highlight, Showact, Topact, Musicact, Live Act oder auch Music Package, Musikpaket, Musikkonzept, Showsensation, musikalische Umrahmung, Entertainment, Bühnenperformance, Walking Act, Rahmenprogramm für Ihre Feier.

Beatrix tritt unter anderem bei folgenden Arten von Events auf:

Ärztefortbildung · Ärzteschulung · Aufsichtsratssitzung · Außendiensttagung · Bands · Betriebsausflug · Betriebsfest · Betriebsratssitzung · Brainstorming-Events · Brunchevent - Birthday Party - Corporate-Events · Entertainment · Eröffnungsfeier · Events · Firmenevent · Firmenfeier, Firmenjubiläum · Fortbildung · Gala-Events, Gartenfest, Gartenfeier · Hausmesse · Incentive · Inhouse-Kongress · Jahresabschlussveranstaltung · Jahresauftaktveranstaltung · Jubiläum · Kick-Off-Event · Konferenz · Kongresse · Kundenveranstaltung · Künstlervermittlung · Live-Acts · Markeneinführung · Meetings · Mitarbeiter-Events · Mitarbeiterschulung – Motivationsveranstaltungen · Networking-Events · Neujahrsempfang · Pharma-Veranstaltungen · Pressekonferenz · Product-Launch · Relaunch · Roadshows · Schulung · Seminar · Show-Events · Sommerfest · Sommerevent, Staff-Day · Symposium · Tagung · Teambuilding · Training · Vertriebsmeeting · VIP-Events · Vorstandsversammlung · Weihnachtsfeier · Weihnachtsevent, Workshop, Gala, Galaaend, Galadinner, Dinnershow, Autopräsentation, Messeevent, Messeparty, Standparty, Modenschau, Fashionevent, Networking Event, Fashionshow, VIP Party, Awardevent, Preisverleihung


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